The alternative of choice might help you close more deals

the alternative of choice: for those who would like to be a more effective communicator, arrange more meetings with the right people, or are interested in closing more deals!

This is a popular method in sales that could offer support in moving you towards closing the deal. Some customers take a long time to decide and might not ever make the decision at all. This is why you should guide them towards making the decision by asking the right questions.

What you do is basically ask them a question with two answers and either answer they choose is a minor agreement leading towards the major decision. The number of alternatives should be very few – two or three is often enough. Do note that this technique works well in many different situations where you are seeking agreement, and not just selling products. Here are some examples of the ‘Alternative of choice’ method in action.


If you say to many people in business, when can we get together? Especially if you are a salesperson they don’t want to see you. So they stall you: ”Call me next week.” ”E-mail me next month.” The point is that they don’t want to see you!

This is why you want to smile, say their name and ask them the nice question. John I’m available to meet with you today at 3:00PM or would tomorrow at 9:00AM be better for you?

With this technique they can’t say yes or no. They take 3 or they take a 9 but either way I’m going to meet with you. This method also works by using location: Would you like to meet at my facility or shall I come to your office? They can either say let’s meet at your facility or let’s meet at mine but they can’t say yes or no. How wonderful.

alternative of choice

The Alternative Of Choice


Third, I would like to give two short examples that you could consider applying in the future.

– Would you prefer the red one or the yellow one?
–  Would you like one packet or two?


An extra technique that could be an effective touch is to add a slight nod when offering the preferred choice. This can be accompanied by subtle verbal emphasis on the words.

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By: Sam Lucas