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Your personal development is one of the most important things in lifetime. The purpose of this website is to have a positive influence on your life. In my opinion there are two important factors that influence your personal growth: consistency and discipline, if you lack either of these two factors I recommend that you stop reading here and visit this page to get more knowledge.

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I write about three main topics: sales, leadership and entrepreneurship. Within these topics I try to cover 80% of it in sub-topics, these sub-topics are listed below.


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Allow me to briefly explain my backstory to give you a better understanding of who I am and to display the major spurt in personal development that I experienced since 2016. I used to be addicted to video games, I played games for at least 12 to 16 hours per day. I would often skip school or play games until it was time to go to school and sleep in class. As you could imagine, I wasn’t very popular.

In my first year of college I was moving out of the gaming phase (which lasted five years) and I discovered Photoshop. I used Photoshop to edit pictures of my teachers. It wasn’t until I moved up to the second year of college that something in my head clicked and suddenly I realised that I wanted to make something of my life. I would say this was mostly because I had a phenomenal mentor that gave me a second chance at proving myself during my internship.

Why your personal development is so important

One example that inspires me is ‘Think about the way you thought five years ago. Imagine how you would think or where you would be in life if you spent the next five years working on yourself.’

Let me repeat that. Imagine where you would be if you spent the next five years working on yourself. You would be proud of what you do in life. You’d give it everything you got and you would do it with passion. With love for the work. This energy radiates positivity and the people around you catch on to that.

I’m twenty years old and I know my purpose in life. I know which route I’m going to take to get there and I will not let anybody stop me. I found that when you know your purpose, life becomes easy. Even when you’re tired, or work gets hard. You know why you’re doing it. You know why you are making the sacrifice. I hope that my website will have a positive influence on your life.











My Personal Development

My own journey in personal development truly started when I was eighteen years old. I was blessed with a second chance to prove myself to the world. So I took this opportunity and never looked back. I picked up a starters sales job, selling subscriptions door-to-door. I did this for approximately six months. This article links to a sales theory that helped me close more deals in door-to-door sales. At the time that I was working as a salesperson I was working on my own company with school friends to sell flower-bulbs. The company originally started off as a school project with me as the project manager.


Young Entrepreneur’s Journey

This school project was to write a business plan in groups of five but I proposed to the team that we might as well execute it while writing the plan. It would provide us with a more informed understanding of the practical aspects of this business plan. The team agreed. Eventually the project started to get quite out of hand because we were selling the product from the basement of a warehouse in the city, and it worked! To read about how we turned a €150,- investment into a profitable company click here.

Personal development of entrepreneur
Young Entrepreneur Selling His Product.

The entire eight months that I worked on this company with my friends was an amazing educative journey. Besides that it was also a very smooth introduction into the world of business. The people around me said that I got lucky with this experience. This used to bother me a lot. Every person that calls me lucky isn’t aware of the time I put in. All the hours that I spent on my personal development to be more efficient in what I do. All the hours that I worked while they were sleeping, out at a party or spending time with family.

This 24/7 working mindset eventually lead to several burn-outs because I was experimenting with crazy sleeping schedules. While still going to the gym seven days per week. My advice for sleeping schedules is that you ease into it instead of giving 100% at the start and then giving up.

After Graduation

By the time I came back from London and graduated in august 2017 I had matured a lot. This was because I lived on my own for the first time. I then found out about the book ‘Start with why’ a book by Simon Sinek. This book lead to inspire my purpose ‘To have a positive influence on others’. This purpose also aligns with the exact purpose of this very website. I always had a similar purpose or similar values. However I was never able to formulate my life’s purpose in one sentence until I read this book. If you are not interested in purchasing any books I recommend reading an article that I wrote about one of Sinek’s theories: The infinite game.