Today I finally faced my fear of public speaking. After procrastinating this fear for close to two years I finally decided to try motivational speaking in front of a crowd. My friend invited me to a Meetup named Kill your fear of public speaking. In turns everyone was allowed to present any topic in front of the group. Some people had extremely inspiring messages to share, it felt like a small-scale TED Talk.

Two of my friends, Wesley Oliveira and Jia Ruan invited me to come to this event, I didn’t want to do it at first because I did not have a story prepared but I decided to just go to learn from other speakers.

This event helped me finally break through a barrier that I have been trying to cross for years, I have wanted to do motivational speaking for a long time through YouTube videos. for at least a year but always procrastinated because I was afraid that it would be a bad video, I was afraid what others might think of me trying to inspire others.

Afraid of public speaking

People got their turn in speaking about a topic and after each presentation the speaker was allowed to choose the next person to come on stage. As one of the female speakers received a standing ovation, I was standing in the front and realised quite late that I was the only one that was still standing. She pointed to me and handed me the microphone.

At this point my mind went blank, I didn’t know what to say. Fortunately for me I had recently been  inspired by a gentleman named Simon Sinek and his book ‘Start with why’. So I gave a short presentation about how after seven months of thinking about my purpose in life. In this timeframe I came to the conclusion that the reason I want to be an entrepreneur is to have a positive influence on others. And being an entrepreneur I could potentially inspire millions of people even long after I have passed away because you become quite a high-profile person in the media.

After this presentation my arms were basically drowning in sweat because of the sudden exposure to this level of stress. I always have the courage to stand up to present but in the moment itself, if I am not fully prepared I still feel uncomfortable.

Public speaking experience aftermath

After the presentations I wanted to ask a gentleman by the name of Reginald, who put up an amazing performance during his presentation, a question so I asked him in Dutch if I could ask him a question. He replied quickly in an anxious manner that he did not speak Dutch that well yet because he moved to this country recently. So after we spoke for a while I challenged him to conquer that insecurity he could try to do his next presentation at this event in Dutch and I will never forget his reaction. It was quite honestly a remarkable experience for me because he was so happy and excited to do it! It felt like an entire universe just opened for me. This is what I want do in my life, inspire others! He happily accepted the challenge and I will see him soon.

What I learned from this whole experience. You will feel very accomplished after facing your fears and even though it is scary at first, it is worth it in the end.

Written by: Sam Lucas

If you are interested in reading the book that inspired me click below!