Summary of 2017

January, 2017

In January of 2017 I closed my first company. I had learned so much, you can read more about this in my summary of 2016. I was very satisfied with the decision, everyone involved learned a lot and we made a profit!

Real estate agent personal development

In this same month I flew to London for an unpaid internship as a real estate agent at RE/MAX. In the four months that I spent at this company I worked 9AM to 7PM, six days per week. In the nights I would study business or personal development books relentlessly until I fell asleep. Only to then wake up at 6AM to get ready for the gym. These were hard times but I don’t have any regrets because I met a lot of amazing people along the way. I made huge jumps in my personal development and I enjoyed every moment of it.

Besides that I started a YouTube channel but after creating it, I realised how unimportant the idea was. Looking back at the notes I made about the channel taught me a lot about the way I think and that I still have a lot to learn in regards to creating priorities for myself.


February, 2017

Officially started my internship at RE/MAX London. This was my first time cold calling people. I was so bad at it. I called 150 numbers per day, half of them did not answer and the other half were people that had never heard from the company. Again, now looking back I understand that that’s what the whole concept of cold calling was but I was calling an 8 year old spreadsheet asking people if they wanted to sell their house with a foreign accent. I think that if I understood that the point is to plan a meeting, not to sell the house it would have been a lot less devastating. I called 1.500 people and none of them wanted anything to do with me.


March, 2017

In march of 2017 I set my first major goal: ‘’Rent out my first owned property before I am 23.”

Besides that I also had my first ideas about Visionary, I decided that I want to master entrepreneurship. I just wasn’t sure how to really get started with this, so I first started reading books.


My father is a great networker!

Mid-March my parents came over to London for the weekend. We had a great time, first going to a gin bar and then for some food in a restaurant. Apparently when my dad was ordering some drinks at the bar he talked to the barman that I’m doing an internship at a local estate agency because a week later, as I was showing a client a room, when I told him that I am an intern he asked if my parents were over last weekend. When I asked him how he knew, he said “Your dad told me!” the entire mood changed, he suddenly was very interested in the room, he even started envisioning how he would place his TV in the room and everything!

Started reading – The Virgin way by Richard Branson
As Mr. Branson mentions in his book, making notes is important. I started making notes and I have already seen how beneficial it is because I don’t have to remember everything that’s on my mind!

I am very focussed at this moment. I want to master entrepreneurship, I know which things I want to learn within that realm and I’m looking forward to see what the future holds! On the other side I really miss my friends right now. I would hug them if I could and I don’t think I’ve ever hugged my friends.


May, 2017

Brainstormed for a new company, the company has the purpose of helping unknown DJ’s with talent to get more exposure. This will first be done through music platforms such as SoundCloud and possibly our own website. This idea never officially launched!

Started reading – Start with why by Simon Sinek


Motionly, my second company, is founded. This is a video production company that creates everything from TV commercials to 2D animations. This company exists to this day and is doing very well!

My 2nd start-up company!


New Connections

I met a guy called Amar at RE/MAX Exclusive, he is 31 years old, owns 9 properties and simply lives off the rent. He really inspires me, while I was showing him a property he explained to me that he is able to work on a commission only basis because he receives the rent from tenants every month! When I asked him if it was worth it he said: ‘’absolutely! I am free man, I can do whatever I want.’’

Found my purpose – I want become highly successful at a young age to inspire and show young adolescents that anything is possible if you devote yourself to an idea or vision. Looking back, this must be tied in with finishing the book ‘Start with Why’.

Joined this product pitch thing to get an investment for my company. I was SO into it, for two weeks I was perfecting this business plan document and talking to all kinds of business people to get their feedback. I sent it in and in June they would tell me that I won!


June, 2017

I was not chosen as the winner of the product pitch. However I loved how I responded. I remember the moment very vividly. I was in bed on my phone in the morning. I saw the notification of the email coming in with the product pitch title, my heart dropped. I clicked it, read through the email and it said that I was not selected for the product pitch. And after I read it I literally said in English out loud: “I’M GOING TO DO IT ANYWAYS!”.

In June I returned home from England. I was very happy to be back. At the time I wanted to go through my notes eventually and reflect on what I have learned. But first I had to see my friends!

I also invited some friends to meet me at these free events related to business through an app called Meetup. They appreciated my invitation and everyone accepted! This way I could finally see my friends without wasting time!! I’m was so excited! Anyways, Motionly is going to be great and I will make it happen. That’s why I wrote down: ‘’I will not be working for a boss before the end of this year while being able to fully support myself.’’


July, 2017

In July I went on a vacation with my friends to Lloret De Mar, I intentionally didn’t do much during these two months. I also learned a lot, about friendships.

Time for another Meetup! This time I went to a meetup called ‘Face your fear of public speaking’, I wrote a blog post about this at the time. It was scary but educative. Besides that I learned how to use WordPress so I can build my own websites and stuff.


August, 2017

I had another great idea! Challenge myself to learn any skill and give myself 24 hours to do it. The idea originated because I wanted to see how fast I could learn WordPress from scratch. It took me about six hours to build my first website without watching any tutorials.

Another vacation. To Greece this time. Taking this time off allowed me to read 60 pages and the day after 70 pages, after that I finished the book. This has never happened to me. Usually I was only able to read like 30 pages per day. The difference now was that I actually took the time to sit down, focus and read. This opened another world for me, my parents taught me earlier in this vacation that I’m not bad at reading, as a child I just didn’t read. The more you read, the faster you will become. Looking back at this it gives me another insight that all I need is to stay focussed on one thing at a time and that thing will expand, quickly.

I remember that I woke up in Greece at 4AM to watch my hero Conor McGregor lose to Mayweather which was kind of devastating to watch. And I also lost a €50,00 bet to my dad. I normally don’t watch sports or fights but this fight was quite cool because I was really into the McGregor mindset at the time.

When I came home at around 8am my parents went to sleep immediately but I stayed up and started jotting some ideas in my phone’s notes. I kept writing, it went so naturally and without effort, flawlessly I wrote down exactly what I had been thinking for almost two years but couldn’t get out of myself. I wrote a plan that allowed me to improve and study with very clear guidelines so I always know what I could improve, it was a plan of mastering entrepreneurship that started with mastering sales.


This must be what success feels like

I had just finished a long term plan that gave me perfect guidelines on how I could improve effectively every single day and document it properly so I can look back at my work. I walked outside on the balcony, put my hands on the railing and saw a beautiful sea view under the right combination of the sun’s warmth and wind. It was 28* with a medium strong wind that cooled you down but did not blow you away.

Imagine the feeling of suddenly knowing exactly what you are going to do and achieve in the next three years. It was a long struggling phase where I kind of knew what I wanted to do, and I kind of knew what I wanted to achieve and suddenly I wrote a page full with my exact thoughts clear as the Greek sky. Everything I had been thinking for years put into one document, it almost feels unreal. This is who I am and what I have wanted for many years but couldn’t produce and suddenly it just happened.

When I walked outside, I was the only one awake in my apartment, I was the only one awake in our hotel. No one else was around me, there I was, alone with my thoughts and I whispered to myself: “This must be what success feels like.”


September, 2017

In September I started working for a marketing agency, I really wasn’t into it but I can definitely appreciate the CEO’s no-bullshit approach to work. It ended up teaching me something five months later. I started waking up at 5AM instead of 6AM and I love it so far.


You can make someone’s day by being yourself

Today in the car I was completely jamming out playing songs like ‘I feel good’, while dancing and smiling in the car. Then I got stuck in a traffic jam (like every day at this job) but I kept dancing and then a guy that was in his car in the traffic jam on the other side of the road saw me but I didn’t care so I continued to really dance out of joy and like pointing towards his car with the song playing and he couldn’t help but laugh at my happiness (and probably ridiculous looking moves) at 8:30 in the morning and then the traffic jam disappeared and we both drove away in opposite directions but his smile when he drove away made my day.


Started experimenting a lot with flor state, deep work and meditation. This sleeping schedule is killing me but I like I’m disciplined enough to do this, all I need to do is find the right structure and processes to make this realistic. One reason I fell out of my sleeping schedule for three days is because I was just really dried out. Once I started drinking more water I was feeling a lot better.

This website is going to be an amazing learning experience! I’m very happy with even though I paid €500,00 for the domain name, however I know my name is worth more than that. I’m in such a great place in my life right now, I know exactly what my purpose is and where I’m going. It’s such a peaceful way of living when you know your purpose, I am working incredibly hard and giving it everything I have and sacrificing everything yet I am still so happy and peaceful, I know that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life, even if I don’t make money.

One of my friends offered me a place to work so I didn’t have to rent an office. Even while she was away at her job I was allowed to come in her house and work from her place.  I will be forever grateful for the people that believed in me when no one else did. She is a perfect example of this. Make sure to surround yourself with people that truly care about you.


October, 2017

Had a video shoot in France for COGS4CANCER. 10 days of driving through France to follow British mega yacht captains that we cycling from London to Antibes. For about two weeks we only slept in castles and five star hotels, it was another level of luxury that I had never experienced before. The entire trip was donated by the Keizer Family that hired us.

Shortly after I experienced quite a severe case of being exhausted. This lasted for approximately three or four weeks. I reflected and watched a lot of videos online that had nothing to do with my purpose. Which is why that phase lasted so long. Watching videos blocks the flow state.


December, 2017

After not making any real money for seven months I made the decision to take massive action. I started seeing results a few weeks after. Suddenly a lot of deals started being in progress. On the same day 26 December I closed 4 deals for a total of €15.000. on the 30th of December I had another meeting with a client for a €35.000 deal, I was so afraid. I didn’t sleep for days. The day before the meeting I didn’t sleep until 5AM because I was so nervous. I threw up at 3AM because I was so scared. After the meeting I went home and threw up again, the feeling that I had for the last few days is indescribable. I felt a constant feeling in my neck and chest area that was restricting my breathing and made me feel like I was going to throw up. The pressure was so heavy but I went to the meeting and did quite well, at least the deal went smoothly.

When you become successful people only see the very peek of what you have achieved. They will say that you are lucky. But where were they when you were up at 5AM to study? where were they when you were working a second job deep into the night? Where were they when you were throwing up early in the morning because you were so far outside of your comfort zone? The only message I want to give you is, make it happen!


What achievements am I proud of this year?

  • Really pushed myself to get into a routine.
  • Chose carefully which projects were relevant and which were not.
  • Started with reading a lot more of the right books.
  • Figured out why I’m doing this.
  • Decided that entrepreneurship is my future.
  • I’m no longer dependant on a monthly check from an employer.